The Flemish-Socialist Movement (V-SB) was founded by people who believe the Flemish political landscape should become more leftist and more Flemish. For the V-SB, leftist and Flemish demands are inseparable. That was the case one hundred years ago, when the Flemish fought for their social and cultural rights, and still is today, allbeit in a different context. The V-SB aims towards the creation of a socialist society with equal opportunities, rights and duties for all of its inhabitants in an independent Flanders, away from any antidemocratic and capitalist supranational structures, but in cooperation and solidarity with other freedom loving nations and states.

Being a socialist organisation, the V-SB believes the existing capitalist order only serves the interests of a small upper class and in no way those of the working class, for which it means nothing more than a continuous threat of living conditions. For the problems arising on social as well as ecological level, the V-SB considers the only solution to be replacing the existing order by a society in which solidarity and the democratic decision right about society and economics form the basic principles and in which the sovereignty is reinstalled and reinforced.

The V-SB considers Belgium as a construction only serving Belgian and global high finance, and limiting sovereignty and self development of those on its territory. Furthermore the V-SB believes the transition to a socialist structure can only happen with eye for the national context. Therefore the V-SB aims towards the creation of a new, socialist state, covering the territory of what`s currently known as the Flemish Region, including the Brussels-Capital Region.

In the light of above mentioned belief in the necessity of sovereignty, the V-SB will oppose every attempt to decrease or destroy it through the creation of antidemocratic supranational structures. This however does not mean the V-SB believes in the feasibility of a socialist Flanders as an isolated paradise island; the V-SB believes in the desirability and necessity of international cooperation, and therefore supports nations and movements abroad supporting similar goals.

With that in mind, the V-SB opposes against every form of Flemish Nationalism that opposes the Walloon people, and movements that only aim for the Flemish independance to get rid of solidarity with our southern neighbours.

Flemish considers the V-SB everyone living on the territory of the future Flemish state, without discrimination based on origin, gender, religion, mother tongue, sexual preference or other non-important criteria. Within the Flemish state, cultural rights of minorities will have to be guaranteed. This can however not lead to supporting the creation and affirmation of parallel societies having a desintegrating function on the social tissue.